CEOI 2017
24th Central European Olympiad in Informatics
July 10th-15th
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Instructions for contestants

Practice session

On Tuesday (11 July) the contestants should gather at the Faculty of Computer Science in hall P.01 at 9:30 where last minute announcements will be given. Each contestant will be assigned a place for the practice session. The usernames and passwords are the same as for the warm-up contest. The practice session will begin at 9:00 and will last 2 hours. In the first hour of the practice, session contestants should behave as if it were a real contest, so no communication or literature will be allowed. In the second hour of the practice session, the coaches may join the contestants and communication with each other is allowed. If any contestant wishes to use their own keyboard or have a mascot, they should bring it to the practice session and leave it there. Your keyboards and mascots will be taken care of and will wait for you at your desk on the first competition day. Literature or electronic devices may not be used as mascots. Should you encounter any issues with your computer, please contact staff immediately. Do not try to solve any technical issues on your own. Note that anything saved at your computer will be erased by the beginning of competition day 1.

Competition days 1 and 2

The contestants should arrive at the competition site by 8:45. The seating plan will be given in advance. The contestants are not allowed to bring anything to the contest site. Snacks, paper and pens will be provided. The contestants may give any valuable personal belongings to their coaches at the beginning of each contest. These items will be returned to their owners after the end of the contest. All the contestant accounts will have their passwords changed. The new passwords for contestant accounts will be waiting at the contestants' desks. If the contestant left a keyboard or a mascot at the practice session, it will be waiting at their desk. If any of the contestants wish to use the lavatories while the contest is running, they should let one of the guides at the site know. Should the contestant have any queries regarding the tasks or the contest, please use the built-in system of the competition environment.