CEOI 2017
24th Central European Olympiad in Informatics
July 10th-15th
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Online Contest

If you are not attending CEOI 2017 as one of the contestants, you still have a chance to be part of the competition and to experience the tasks the contestants will solve. We would like to invite you to an online contest featuring the CEOI task which we will organize after the conclusion of the on-site contest.

The online contest will last 5 hours and feature 9 problems from the practice session and both competition days. It starts on Saturday, 15 July at 14.00 CEST (UTC +2). Registration will be enabled after the conclusion of the on-site contest on Friday.

The contest will be suitable for a wide range of contestants with the typical divison of problems into subtasks. With a relatively narrow time frame of 5 hours it should present a challenge even to the best. We're looking forward to your participation.

Putka is a system for solving algorithmic problems, much like TopCoder, CodeChef or the USACO training site and is used as CEOI 2017 contest system. Click here to enter the Competition environment >>